Residents want canal in Bakersfield littered with trash cleaned

Kern Delta said they clean canal twice a year

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - It's being considered an eye sore to the neighborhood and to the city.

Residents on Lake Street contacted 23ABC and said they are fed up with all the trash in the canal.

A 23ABC crew went to the residential area and within a seven to eight block radius, the crew found over 20 shopping carts, mattresses, tires, entertainment centers and more.

Right now the canal is dry but the water is expected to start flowing again by the middle of the month.


The Eastside canal's water is used for agriculture and flows to the Arvin area.


In the meantime, the trash is an eye sore and residents want it removed before the water starts flowing again.



Residents said they have called the Kern Delta Water District, who maintains the canal, and told them about the laundry list of items in the canal.


There are chairs, shopping carts, baby carriers, mattresses, entertainment centers, lawn mowers and tires.

Kern Delta, which has 20 full-time workers, is responsible for over 160 miles of canal throughout the county. Officials said they remove trash from the canal twice a year.


"I have never seen them out here. I've lived here for 4 years. I have never seen anybody come out here and clean it," said Michelle Gallegos.


"I have been here for three years and it has been the same. It has never been cleaned or anything," said Frances Hurtado.


23 ABC called the Kern Delta Water District; they say the East-side canal is a huge problem. They ask the residents to report any illegal dumping to the police.



"It is really sad. We already live in a poor neighborhood, but we try to keep it as clean as we can," said Gallegos.


Residents also said they would at least like to see signs posted to warn against illegal dumping.


According to Kern Delta officials, the canal will be cleaned before the water starts flowing again later this month.

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