Residents worried about Internet cafes closing

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Internet cafes have been ordered to shut down, but people in Oildale think that without them around, violence will go up.

Residents say Internet cafes had become part of the community and a place to meet your neighbors.

"They could come in here, spend some time, it gave them something to do," said Gary Bennett.

Last week the Kern County District Attorney's office sent out letters warning owners of Internet gaming cafes to close their stores or they could face prosecution.

Oildale resident Ruth Rodriguez says the cafes keep locals out of trouble.

"They spend their money here instead of spending it on drugs and other things," said Rodriguez.

Other residents disagree and are glad the cafes are being shut down.

Owners of Internet cafes are deciding whether or not to appeal the court decision that led to their closures.

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