Responsible dog owners concerned about health problems

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - At Centennial Dog Park, owners have noticed more dog poop on the ground instead of the trash cans.

They are also worried about health concerns associated with the problem that can lead to disease and bacterial infections.

"I think a lot of times people come and they socialize and their dogs are off playing and they don't even notice and so I think it tends to accumulate because of that," said Mike Covey, dog owner.

Dr. Roger Paulson, a veterinarian at Stine Veterinary Hospital, said the problem can be a health risk for pets.

"We see quite a bit of parasite types of problems because dog feces that is not picked up properly can end up harboring parasites which eventually can end up back into the soil," Paulson said. "There are soil-born parasites that can last for a long time."

The first signs of parasites are weight loss an fatigue, bute Dr. Paulson said it is important to prevent the illness before it is too late.

Picking up after dogs may be unpleasant, but may say it is what responsible dog owners do.

"It's just part of owning a dog and if you've got a poop bag you don't have to touch it, you don't have to smell it and usually these receptacles are always full of poop bags so it doesn't bother me," said Lesly Blanton, dog owner.


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