Restaurant offers pizza challenge for a chance to win extra cash

Cataldo's offers big challenge


People around the community are putting their appetite to the test and taking part in a challenge that promises to fill up your belly and hopefully your wallet. 

It’s a way an area restaurant is helping lift the stress of balancing a budget in a shaky economy.

Like any college student, Carlos Medina has a lot of expenses.

“We have rent. We have gas and it’s going up right now and that’s really disappointing for us.  It’s kind of hard to get around because we have to go back to class and back home and work,“ said Medina.

Cataldo’s Pizza in Bakersfield helps ease the pain in people’s pocketbooks by offering a challenge with a $100 reward.

“I love taking challenges in my life and I think this would be another one to cross off my bucket list,” he said.

The pizza is 11 pounds.  It has three pounds of cheese, five pounds of dough and 5 different kids of meat.

As part of the rules, constants can’t get up to use the restroom and they have only an hour to eat all 12 slices.  They can either have their pizza cut in squares or eat it all in giant slices.

“At first they all want it in squares because they thought it was smaller and easier to eat, but when you’re looking at its pretty intimidating because you have a punch left.  You get the bigger slice, it looks like you’re doing damage,” said owner, Richard Morales.

Pete Villsenor signed up because pizza is one of his favorite foods and the money motivated him to sign up.

“For me, I’d put it down for some shoes, some new shoes, I’m always getting some shoes.  Any more money is probably cool,” said Villsenor.

Although they haven’t seen too many winners, owners say beating the challenges takes a lot of will power and plenty of water.

“It’s rewarding really and it makes you feel good about yourself helping other people,” he said.

For an up close look at the pizza:

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