Retail stores roll out post-holiday deals

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - It doesn't look like the crowds at stores will be dying down anytime soon as retailers roll out more bargains.

There isn't a store Charlotte Holtz hasn't visited in the last eight hours.

"We've been to Walmart, Michael's and Target," she said.

The day after Christmas is a busy time for shoppers as they flood stores, like Target, to find items significantly marked down.

"There's a lot of 70, 80 percent things off.  I found yarn we were going to use for a scarf for only four dollars," said Holtz.

Usually, retail stores wait until after Christmas to offer deep discounts on everything from toys, electronics to clothes and shoes.

"The day before Christmas was super busy, no parking and right now its still pretty pack," said shopper Harold Gutierrez.

Target scheduled extra associates to help handle the increase in customer traffic and help reduce the amount of wait time for shoppers at the check-out counter.

"The day after Christmas is always busy because of course people get their Christmas presents and so they come in obviously to spend money because they have gift cards and also some people want to make exchanges," said Alex Pierce of Target.

Shoppers are also taking advantage of post-holiday sales as they prepare for next year's spending.

"Saving money is always good, but especially during the holidays because you have so many gifts to buy for people.  It's just good to safe some money," said holiday shopper, Rico Martinez.


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