Rev. Wesley Crawford speaks out over election rules

Crawford plans to file law suit

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Rev.  Wesley Crawford made headlines in 1994 when he filed his candidacy for Ward One using an address on his registration card, when he apparently lived somewhere else, outside the district.

Crawford says its the same thing recent politicians are doing just to hold office.  Crawford says he's been trying to work with current elected officials to put a timeline as to how long people can live in a district before filing to represent that area.

The former politician wonders if candidates using new addresses to run for office know the district well enough to identify what that community needs.  Crawford is in talks to file a lawsuit holding all candidates to one standard.

"Can you, as a politician come into a residential district like ours and automatically know what we go through on a regular basis?  I think not, but becaue the City Council and because the wise individuals will not put a ruling on this like the federal government does, the federal government requires that you stay within that district a year before you file," he said.

Rev. Crawford says putting a policy like that in place will more likely end the practice of candidates using temporary addresses in order to run for office.  

We want to emphasize that candidates have not broken any laws.  Crawford who is just looking to change policy says its not fair to voters when candidates win a seat and then soon after plan to leave for higher office.

He plans to file a lawsuit next month.

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