Rise in flu cases leads to flu remedy shortage

Tamiflu hard to find during flu season

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - As flu cases continue to rise in Kern County, one of it's fastest remedies is becoming hard to find.

23ABC spoke to Hina's Pharmacist Sanjay Patel who said certain forms of Tamiflu are flying off the shelves.

Liquid forms of the drug seem to be the most elusive right now so doctors are resorting to crushing Tamiflu capsules to create the drinkable version.

Doctors insist the best flu prevention is getting the seasonal flu shot but Patel warns if you're already sick it might not work.

"The flu shot takes approximately two weeks to get fully effective so if you are exposed to the flu virus and then take the flu vaccine you probably will get a flu", Patel explained.

The Kern County Department of Health reported 49 locals needing hospitalization for their severe flu symptoms.

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