Rosedale Middle School given $1,200 grant to build garden

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Rosedale Middle School was given a grant for $1,200 to help make their school look greener.

The grant was given to the school by the California Fertilizer Foundation, Thursday, to boost interest in garden-based learning. 

"We know that a lot of our kids have parents who work for AG for some of the big companies around here, but the kids still think their food comes from Albertsons and that's it," said Tim Smith with Rosedale Middle School. 

The foundation's goal is to put a garden in every school that has shared interest in garden-based learning. 

The school was also given a $250 gift card to Lowes and flower seeds. 

Student's said working on the garden has become a rewarding experience. 

"I love getting down working and cleaning the garden,it is fun to watch it grow and eat what you have made and water everything," said student Weston Tkac. 


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