Rural crime surge

Several rural businesses burglarized

McFarland, Calf. -
Several businesses in the north county contacted 23 ABC after they all were recently victimized by theft.

 Two businesses in McFarland and two in Delano said they were recently burglarized for thousands and thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment.

 "They broke into our shop, they took everything ranging from air compressors to wielders to palate jacks," said Xochilht Gonzalez of Hacienda trucking.

 Hacienda Trucking in McFarland was burglarized just about a month ago. The crime was captured on surveillance video. The thieves covered their faces while one of them disabled the camera.

The thieves got away with an estimated $100,000 worth of equipment.

 "I think it's devastating. It's devastating to the community. As farmers everybody knows each other. Unfortunately it is probably somebody we all know," said Gonzalez.

 About a mile away, the Hure Brothers Vineyard was burglarized last week. Thieves cut through the fence than cut into the side of the building, walking away with about $20,000 in equipment.

 Both businesses are offering a $5,000 reward for catching the thieves. Both businesses have also increased their security and Hacienda has even hired a private investigator.

"They are looking into pawn shops, Craigslist, e-bay and Amazon. They do have a list of our current and former employees," said Gonzalez.

 The other businesses did not want to be interviewed on camera for fear of retaliation. They believe Delano street gangs are at the center of the recent crimes.

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