School break pushes parents to seek affordable places to take children

Finacial experts say savings is the key

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Spring break is just right around the corner with summer not too far behind, leaving many area parents looking for places to take their children while they work.

The key to finding something affordable starts with what's in your savings account.

There are a lot of things, Travis Ruffus has to think about when school is not in session.

"Karate and basketball.  Together, you're looking at something monthly, just to keep them going.  Plus, traveling times.  You're looking at almost $100," said Ruffus.

Ruffus has three little girls and with tight budgets, finding affordable places to take his children can sometimes be difficult.

“Where there money is coming from, I don’t know,” he said.

Financial experts say spring break doesn't have to be so stressful as long as you give yourself plenty of time to plan.

Financial advisors say having a savings plan is key to decreasing the stress of paying for programs.

"They need to prepare as soon as possible. Obviously, the more time that you have to save up, the easier it is for you.  You don't want to be with your backs against the wall," said Cherod Waite, financial advisor for Moneywise.

The men's basketball team at Bakersfield College offers a community-wide camp to give children exercise and a shot at improving their skills on the court.

"It's important for kids.  It's important for adults to exercise and this is an extensive camp.  Only going two days, but we're going to be throwing a lot at them, get them running," said Rich Hughes, head men’s basketball coach.

While schools are closed, the Kern County Museum gives students an option for continued education with science.

"We try to have fun first.  We have an excellent staff of scientist.  I mean, really they just come in and have a great time with the kids. Like I said, they get dirty and as messy and as covered in the stuff as the kids do and that's kind of neat for me to see," said Roger Perez with the Kern County Museum.

The Kern County Museum offers a Spring Break Camp at Lori Brock Children's Discovery Center March 25-29th.  For more information call Jackie at 868-8421 or 868-8425.

For more information about this year's Basketball Camp hosted by the Men's Basketball Team at Bakersfield College, contact 395-4553.

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