Search warrant reveals new details in homicide that occurred on Hempstead Lane

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Search warrants for the home of a correctional officer that was killed reveal new details.

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In one of the warrants, police say they think the victim answered a late night knock on his front door and was shot and killed in his doorway.

They say neighbors heard shots at 11 p.m. the night before he was found. Police say he appeared to still be in his “sleeping attire.”

After the first search, police went back and asked for a second search warrant after his girlfriend said he had two handguns cops hadn’t found on the first search. She said he kept them “in the rafters” of the home.

Police confirmed the victim had two handguns registered to him.

The second search did not turn up the handguns. In the search warrant, police say they think the victim was likely killed with his own gun and both are still missing. 

Police believe the victim knew his killer and that’s why he answered the door late at night.

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