Selected students from Standard School District will receive free eye exams and glasses

70-85 students expected to get free glasses

OILDALE, Calif. - Tuesday morning selected students at Wingland Elementary will receive free eye exams, glasses and a little something extra.

"We're not only giving glasses to children but we're also giving them the confidence to be able to participate in their homework activities and be able to engage in the classroom", explained Justin Cade with the Advanced Center for Eyecare.

70-85 students from the Standard School District will hop onboard "Eyeleen the Vision Van", a self contained mobile optometrist's office that travels the nation giving free eye exams and glasses to underinsured children thanks to the non-profit Onesight.

It's not your typical visit to the vision doctor, in fact it's a faster process than you've ever seen.

Cade said, "from exam to actually putting the glasses on is about 15-20 minutes."

This is the second year the school district will be working with Onesight and local volunteers to give children a clearer perspective in the classroom.



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