Senator Vidak, Fuller and citrus industry leaders will hold meeting on current water conditions

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - State leaders are coming together to announce their plans to allocate more water for Kern County citrus farmers, Friday. 

According to California Citrus Mutual nearly 50,000 acres of citrus land will receive zero surface water allocation which could lead to a loss of  $3 billion dollars in the next five years for the industry. 

Already many citrus farmers have had to pull acres of trees in order to financially survive. 

John Gless, vice-president of Gless Farms, is pulling 60 acres of perfectly healthy orange trees, Friday.

"It's killing me 60 acres of citrus and who knows it could be more," Gless said. 

The Gless family has farmed citrus across Riverside and Kern County for the last 100 years. His farm in Maricopa received zero surface water allocation and the water from his wells isn't enough. 

"When we have enough water to replant--i mean we'll be looking at 5 or 6 years of down time and to get those trees back you're looking at $25,000 an acre," Gless said. 

Senator Vidak, Senator Fuller and leaders from the California Citrus Mutual will hold a press conference to address the water issues facing citrus farmer. 

Senator Vidak is urging federal leaders to make some changes and distribute water that may be stored. 

"I'm calling on the governor to put pressure on our president so we have water today not tomorrow," said Vidak. 

The press conference will be held in Maricopa at Gless Farms at 11 a.m. 

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