Senior citizens get together to salsa, line dance at the Golden State Mall

Dancers between 60 to 90 years old

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Every Sunday, a group of senior citizens gets together to dance at the Golden State Mall in Bakersfield to dance. 

They dance everything thing from salsa to ballroom and even a little slow music. 

"We love to dance together, we've been dancing for 53 years" said Agnes Dimaya who loves to dance with her husband. 

For many of these older dancers, they said being able to take some time and do something active is good for their health. 

"Dancing is one of the best exercises especially for senior citizens," said dance instructor Ellie Dimaya.

One hour of dancing can burn over 100 calories. Although the group sees how the exercise has impacted them physically, they said it has also helped them mentally. 

"We are so dedicated to enjoy life and this will bring us longer and happier lives through out our years," said Dimaya.
The group encourages people of all ages and levels to come dance with them. Admission is only $5. 
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