Sentencing delayed for Kylor Smith Sims, accued of infant son's death

BAKERSFIELD - A Ridgecrest man was scheduled to be sentence in the death of his infant son Wednesday, but the sentence was delayed.

Attorneys for Kylor Smith Sims asked the sentencing be delayed after Smith accepted a plea deal.

Sims was arrested in 2012 after his 10-week-old son Travion died.

Police said Travion's injuries were the equivalent of being dropped from a three-story building.

Sims was charged with first-degree murder, but pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in a deal.

On April 29 Sims said he might want to change his plea.

His attorney Mark Raimondo asked for a continuance to conduct a further investigation.

They will be back in court June 5.

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