Server at Sorella's gives choking guest the Heimlich maneuver

Server said she didn't think twice to help

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A server at Sorrella's Italian Restaurant said she didn't think twice to give a guest the Heimlich maneuver,  when she saw that she was choking.

Debbie Mundy had CPR training over 10 years ago and said she never dreamed she would use the skills she learned but she is happy she did. 

On Sunday night Mundy said she was walking out of the kitchen and saw the husband hitting his wife on her back trying to help, but Mundy said her face was red and knew she needed help.

"I told her husband to get her out of her seat she came out backwards and I did the Heimlich maneuver which caused her food to come out and she was ok from that point on."

Sorella's owner Nancy Cristallo said that she is very proud of Debbie for using the tools posted by the servers station on how to appropriately do the Heimlich maneuver. 

23ABC spoke with The American Red Cross today as they demonstrated how to ideally dislodge an item stuck in the throat. 

"You want to start with the five back blows which is right between the shoulder blades, and if they're still choking we go right above the navel and do five abdominal thrust. By then the person would usually cough up the object" said Gabby Tamayo with American Red Cross. 

March is Red Cross Month and several CPR classes are being offered through the red cross for 20% off. 

To sign up for a class visit and enter the code MARCHFMK0413.

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