Several motorcycle clubs in Kern County raising money for fellow member

Delano Mike being remembered

TAFT, Calif. - Family and friends are remembering a well-known motorcycle enthusiast who died in a wreck, along the 405.  Michael Pena who everyone knew as Delano Mike was a member of the Hell's Angel Bike Club.

Michael Pena was a father and most importantly a friend to countless people.  Now, many members of motorcycle clubs across Kern County and beyond are working together to help raise funds for his funeral.

The sound of motorcycles and friends gathering for a good time is what Michael Pena would have loved to see.

"He got along with everybody.  He loved everybody," said son, Jacob Pena.

Delano Mike as he was known died as he was riding his motorcycle south on the 405 in Los Angeles.  According to the California Highway Patrol, Pena unable to stop in the HOV lane ended up rear-ending a truck that stopped to fix a flat tire.

"I always remember him as my dad,” he said.

His children remain overwhelmed with grief, but still eager to share just how they want to remember their dad. 

"I’ll remember as a loving dude.  He was fearless. He cared for everybody and that's how I will always remember him as Delano Mike,"

Friends are organizing a car wash fundraiser to help pay for funeral costs.

Members of several bike clubs around the area are gathering for this special event and they're not only raising funds, but education.

"The point that mike wanted to express while he was alive was unity.  He wanted us to get along with one another and work together for the greater good for kern county so, we want his vision to live on after him," said Rev, a member of Dirty Saints Riding Club of Taft, California.

The car wash is bringing old friends together as new friendships are forming all because of a man who loved to make people laugh and a person the family describe as caring and generous. 

"I'll always remember Mike smiling, always ready to crack a joke.  He was a very serious man, a very honest man, but he was very approachable, a very genuine man that I'm going to deeply miss," he said.

A viewing for Delano Mike was held today and more than 3,000 people from all over the country are expected to attend his funeral on August 10th.

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