Several recycling centers closed in Oildale, offering no explanation to customers

OILDALE, Calif. - Several buyback recycling centers in the Oildale area have shut down within the last month, offering no explanation to their customers.

Many customers told 23ABC that the centers were shut down by the state.

23ABC contacted County Weights and Measures, as well as the state agency who monitors recycling companies. The Department of Resources and Recycling started an investigation, and they say the companies shut down voluntarily.

Many customers are inconvenienced by the closures and are doing business at one of Oildale's only buyback recycling centers left open.

C & J Recycling has six locations throughout the county and their Oildale location on China Grade Loop is now their busiest.

"I think it's important for Oildale to have recycling centers because a lot of people don't have cars and they recycle for a living," said customer Steve Mills.

Crystal Kendrick rode her bicycle to the center while holding a bag of recyclables.

"I hate having to ride my bicycle all the way up here, I usually go to Copes, Food Spot or 11-C. Instead I have to ride a mile uphill to north Oildale," said Kendrick.

The owner of C&J recycling says they are going to be opening another location in Oildale in about a month after they get their state permit.

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