Sex offenders closely watched on Halloween, must observe curfew, stay away from children

A Correctional initiative keeps kids safe

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is implementing the 20th Annual “Operation Boo.”

Operation Boo helps protect children from sexual predators during Halloween and its new educational component helps parents and teachers show kids how to stay away from potential sexual predators year round.

On Halloween night, CDCR’s Special GPS Units and Parole Agents and their local law enforcement partners will do the traditional compliance checks on known sex offenders to make sure they’re staying away from trick-or-treaters and otherwise following their special orders.

They will also have special transient sex-offender curfew centers set up where they are most needed.

The program has been conducting and expanding since 1994. In its 20th year, Operation Boo is held statewide in California on Halloween night.

Known sex-offenders supervised by CDCR are monitored closely by agents to ensure that they don’t attempt to attract children to their homes. Special Conditions of Parole are imposed on sex offenders for Halloween night.

Those special conditions include a 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew during which parolees must remain indoors; all exterior lights of their homes must be turned off so that it looks as if no one is home, which discourages children from approaching; no offering of Halloween candy and no Halloween decorations are allowed.

During the curfew, sex offender parolees can only open the door to respond to law enforcement, such as parole agents who are patrolling their caseload to ensure compliance.

Officials said to avoid homes of sex-offender homes and report any illegal activity you may see.

Since a significant number of sex-offenders are also homeless, special centers will be set up for Halloween in most regions of the state. Sex-offenders will have to report to these Transient Sex-offender Curfew Centers to abide by the Halloween night curfew under the watchful eye of law enforcement officers.

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