Update: Sheriff's deputies say remains are not human

Investigators determining if remains are human

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Tuesday afternoon Kern County Sheriff Deputies answered a call around 3 o'clock about possible human remains found near a home on Willard Street, just north of highway 58.

Lieutenant Todd Bishop spoke with 23ABC News about their findings, "when deputies responded they arrived and located (remains) but they were unable to determine if it was human remains or if it was the remains of an animal."

Bishop said the remains appeared to be mummified, making it harder for investigators to determine their origin.

Witnesses on scene told 23ABC News that the remains appeared to be a child's foot, however, the coroner could not confirm that.

The remains were taken and an examination is scheduled for some time Wednesday to find out if the remains are human or animal.

On Wednesday, an examination was performed at the Sherriff’s Coroner Facility and it was determined the remains were not human.  The investigation is closed.

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