Sheriff's deputies arrest armed robbery suspect

Firearm located

On Thursday, at about 9:30 p.m., deputies and a sergeant from the Rosamond Substation were sent to the Fastrip Market located on Rosamond Blvd and Sierra Highway in Rosamond regarding shots fired.  

Deputies said they were told by the store clerk that two men had entered the store and one of the men stole a pastry from the within the store.  

When the clerk and a customer confronted the men outside the store, one of the men reached for his waist band, and told them he had a gun, deputies said.  

While running away from the store, deputies said one of the men fired a shot into the air.

Deputies searched the area and said they found one of the men in a trailer park in the 1200 block of Rosamond Boulevard.  

Deputies said that the man was standing on a porch in front of a trailer.  

He was positively identified as Edi Gonzalez, 22, from store surveillance video, deputies said.  

When confronted by deputies, Gonzalez ran around the trailer, deputies said. 

A deputy said he pursued Gonzalez as he ran all away around the trailer.  

A loaded handgun fell from Gonzalez’s shorts and he was tackled in the front yard just a few feet from the firearm, according to deputies.  

The cylinder in the handgun contained five live rounds of .22 caliber ammunition and one spent shell casing; consistent with being fired once, deputies said.  

Gonzalez, from Lancaster, CA, was arrested on charges of armed robbery, being a felon in possession of a firearm, negligent discharge of a firearm,  and other felony charges including gang participation charges.  

Additionally, Gonzalez was arrested on a felony narcotics related warrant from Los Angeles County.  Gonzalez was transported and booked into the Kern County Jail.  The second suspect was not located but this investigation is ongoing

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