Sheriff's Detention Deputy accused of poisoning dog


A Kern County Detention Deputy is accused of killing his ex-wife's dog by poisoning the animal with pesticides two days after being arrested for holding a gun to his wife's head.

James Tackitt’s wife says she discovered her German Shepard in the backyard, foaming at the mouth.

James Tackitt told police he drove past the house with his brother the night before the dog was allegedly poisoned.

The detention deputy’s wife says on the first of the month she found the sick dog, so took the dog to the vet. That veterinarian told police the dog was poisoned with pesticides and had to be euthanized.

On Tuesday, investigators took DNA swab tests from both James Tackitt and his brother Brian. Investigators plan on using the DNA to compare it to a blood smear found on a back-yard shed, which investigators think might be the blood of Tackitt or his brother following a struggle with the dog.

According to the search warrant, if any charges are filed in this case, Tackitt could be charged with a felony.  


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