Shopping locally in Kern County on Small Business Saturday benefits local economy and community

Nearly half of money spent stays in local economy

With millions making their holiday purchases over this bargain weekend, it's not just the big chain retailers looking to cash in. Smaller, local shops are making the push to get your business. 
Miss Charlie's in Northwest Bakersfield is one of those businesses. The owner, Charlotte Camp just recently celebrated the one year anniversary of the boutique. 
"There's no way that little businesses like ourselves can compete with the big stores," said Camp. Many other business owners understand Camp's struggle.
Nick Hill III is the president of the Kern County's Black Chamber of Commerce and his job is to solely focus on our community's small businesses. 
"A lot of people go to the small business as a last minute afterthought, instead of going to them as a first thought," he said. 
By simply trying out a local business on Small Business Saturday, Hill says you could technically help out our whole community as the "majority of them are your neighbors"
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