"Shoulder Tap" operation aims to reduce crime on the streets

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The largest California "Shoulder Tap" decoy operation ever was conducted Saturday with over 100 California law enforcement agencies participating alongside the California Alcoholic Bevarage Control. 23ABC News tagged along as local law enforcement participated.

The decoy operation happened just in time for St. Patrick's Day which is one of the biggest drinking holidays.

The goal of this operation is to reduce crime on the street by arresting adults who provide alcohol to minors, people who are drunk in public, people in possession of illegal drugs and people violating parole or who have warrants for their arrest.

Officers went undercover to catch people buying alcohol for minors. Officers posed as under aged customers at a convenience store. They would ask other customers to buy them beer and hard liquor, and when someone agreed, other officers would come in and ticket the customer.

"The vast majority of people they ask will say no," said supervising agent Josh Porter. "However, there are still those individuals that make the wrong choice, they make the mistake and they do furnish and purchase the alcohol."

For those adults that buy the alcohol for the under aged, it is a misdemeanor offense that comes with a fine up to $1000.

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