Update: Explosive puts Bakersfiedl High School on lockdown

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Update 2:40 p.m. from Kern County High School Public Information Officer John Teves: The BHS campus was disrupted this morning by a loud boom which originated in the boys bathroom in the downstairs area of Warren Hall. It is reported to me the device used was a plastic water bottle, water, and a common household chemical such as baking powder. Once the bottle is sealed tight, the chemical and the water react, producing pressure. It is only a matter of time before the bottle explodes.
A lockdown was called at about 11:33 am in order to sweep the campus in search of other such devices. A similar device went off in the area of the campus referred to as the “Science Field.” Another device went off in a trash can in “ELM GROVE.” I do not know the times of day at which the plastic bottles burst.
The students were dismissed for the day about 1:30 p.m. Students who rode a bus to school rode a bus home. Parents also picked up their children at the school. Eight KHSD officers were on site to help with traffic flow.
About 1:44 pm, the campus was declared safe by the responding fire department. The Bakersfield Police Dept. also assisted school officials with the matter. School will resume Tuesday morning as usual.
The message below was sent this afternoon by the Principal of Bakersfield High, Davide Reese, to parents and staff.
As you may know, Bakersfield High School was placed on lock down today at 11:34am. Today, the administrative team worked closely with Bakersfield Police and Bakersfield Fire to identify some possible small incendiary devices on campus (pranks with water bottles in trash cans).  A school lock down is a procedure which is initiated when school officials believe that there is a possible or credible threat to student and staff safety.  Lock downs are usually used to protect students from circumstances or persons that may impact campus activity; the goal of a school lock down is to keep students and staff safe, and while it may be frightening or disruptive, it is important to comply with the lock down for safety reasons.  The incident was cleared without problems this afternoon, but we did close school early for follow-up tests and review to be conducted.  BHS will be on a regular schedule on Tuesday, May 21.”
BHS Principal David Reese

Bakersfield High School was put on lockdown after several small explosions were heard.

At about 11:09 a.m. Monday, Bakersfield Fire Department, Bakersfield Police Department and other investigating agencies were sent to BHS regarding an explosion.

Officials said that 3 explosions were heard at the school. One in the Science building, one outside the Science building and one inside the boys bathroom.

The school remains on lockdown as police officials search for more explosives.

BPD officers have detained one student and are searching for another one.

Students were released early as officials investigated the caused of the explosions.

Turns out the devices consisted of water and a common household chemical like baking powder that was shaken up in a plastic water bottle.

"They're chemical reaction devices and they will give a relatively small explosion," said Bakersfield Fire Department Battalion Chief Anthony Galagaza.
Police said there were no injuries.

But that did not stop parents from panicking.

"I freaked out. I drove down here. I don't even think I saw traffic. My palms are all sweaty," said parent Bev Moss.

Bev moss says she worried for good reason.

"With all of these false flag situations happening at schools and theatres and malls, I just wanted to get my boy home," said Moss.

Anyone with information is asked to call BPD at 327-7111.

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