Six Independence High School students head to Washington D.C. to participate in national conference

Only 600 people were chosen nationwide

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Six Independence High School students are headed to Washington D.C. tomorrow to be a part of a national education conference.

The six students are a part of the energy and utility career academy at Independence High School and have a unique opportunity to speak with education leaders and possibly President Obama on the importance of the energy.

The academy at Independence High School is in relationship with PG&E that has invested in five schools in the state of California and selected independence to represent them and their academy at a national level.

“It’s a new adventure for California by having private industries get involved in education so it’s very unique and this relationship has opened so many doors for all of us and this Washington dc trip is part of it," said Kim Woolf the academy coordinator.

While in D.C. the students will meet with other academy students from across the country and professionals in the field.

“I’ll have the opportunity to talk to people and see how the academy has worked on a national level so I will be able to talk to the kids in California who I haven’t met yet and kids from the east coast and Midwest who are also in the program,” said Gabriel Glazer a senior and member of the academy.

The energy and utility career academy along with the trip to D.C. is to teach and guide the students down the right path in their future.

Only 600 people were chosen nationwide to participate in the conference so the students are humbled and excited to have been selected.

"I’m here in this little town and yet I am going to dc to represent my city and my state in terms of this energy conference and it really is the most amazing opportunity ever," Glazer added.

The students and their teacher leave tomorrow and will return next Tuesday. The trip is funded solely by PG&E with the exception of incidentals.

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