Slick City Rollerz cooks "happy meals" at the Bakersfield Ronald McDonald's House

Benfits families at Memorial Hospital

When Bakersfield's first and only men's roller derby league, the Slick City Rollerz, aren't tearing it up on their skates, they're volunteering their time to help others.


"We show up, we practice and we play real hard and we take it seriously but there's that receiving end where it is about building a relationship within the community giving back a portion of what we do," Dave Lee, a participant, said.


The team put their cooking skills to the test at the Bakersfield Ronald McDonald House where "happy meals" are served at hospitals to families who are in need of a home-cooked meal.


Cyndi Imperial's 19-year-old daughter has a mysterious medical condition that she has battled for years.


"She, of course, lives in a lot of pain. She also suffers from tachycardia which is brought on because of the pain she's in and it has affected her heart," Imperial said.


Imperial said the constant visits to Memorial hospital in Bakersfield always affects what's for dinner.


"When you live in a hospital, the food gets pretty old pretty fast and fast food gets old really fast too so I can come down here, cook, and take it back up to my daughter," she said.


The team prepared lasagna, salad and a variety of desserts and said they are happy to give back to the community.


"It just continues to build on that derby relationship and that community relationship we're trying to build," Lee said.


The Slick City Rollerz will participate in the 2nd annual roller derby bout at Rabobank arena on August 24th that will benefit the Ronald McDonald house.

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