Sod business booming despite California drought

Sod lawns efficient during drought

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Dale Edwards calls himself the "Sultan of Sod," named after a grass grown with already established roots, allowing it to grow quicker and more efficiently than regular seed grass.  He waters his lawn once every two weeks and says it's still beautiful and lush.

While most agricultural businesses are suffering from the drought, Edwards says Old River Sod is doing better than ever all thanks to smart planning by the Kern County water districts.

"Other parts of California are running around like chickens with their heads cut off," Edwards tells 23ABC.  "Thank goodness that our county started banking water fifty years ago."

He is referring to the billions of water stored around Kern County's aquifers for emergency situations like a drought.

Edwards says using sod helps your lawn in the long run.   For the first year of maintaining a regular seed lawn, it's advised to water it up to six times a day.  A sod lawn only requires water once a day.

The average cost for a sod lawn is about $400 and experts say you can save about 40% of your water bill by switching to sod.

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