Solar Day for kids at Munsey Elementary teaches kids about solar energy

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - An unlikely duo teamed up this afternoon all in the name of energy.

Today The Bakersfield City School district and PG&E hosted “Solar Day” at Munsey Elementary.

During today’s events, students participated in solar experiments which led them to their solar house demonstrations and a solar race car derby.  All students received t-shirts, medals, and got to keep the cars they built. 

3rd grade student Elysia Hernandez said she learned some valuable lessons from her solar experiments.  “Don’t be afraid.  If it’s not gonna go well you can always fix it again,” she says.  “Always believe in yourself.  You never know if it’s gonna work or not.” 

Solar Day was made possible by 3rd grade teacher Lesly Minney, who received a $5,000 “Bright Ideas” grant from PG&E to find today’s events.

“PG&E made it all possible to build the cars…do the race… t shirts… medals… all of this,” Minnie tells 23ABC. 

Since 2005, the PG&E Bright Ideas grants program has contributed more than 2.3 million dollars to 370 schools throughout the county’s service area. 

For more information on these grants, visit

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