Some Bakersfield businesses rejecting coupons from 'Bakersfield's Own' coupon book

Businesses did not want to be in the book

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Bakersfield residents, who have purchased a "Bakersfield's Own" coupon book, said that a number of businesses have recently denied their coupons. 

The books, published by Mc Fundraising, are accepted by many businesses. Although some local business owners said that their coupons are either incorrectly worded or they did not want to be in the book at all. 

The owner of two local Quiznos Sandwich Restaurants said that she has actually tried to pull her "complimentary small sandwich" coupon from the book, but was unable to contact the publisher. 

"On a prior year, this company came to us and we did agree to have our name and locations put in the book, but the following years, we have denied it. And without our approval, he went ahead and put our name in the book. So we have customers coming in, expecting to get this offer, and we have to let them know it was not authorized," said Quiznos owner Angela Medina. 

Medina said the only number that was listed on the book to contact Mc Fundraising is a voicemail. She has left multiple messages, but still hasn't received  a call back. 

23ABC called every business in the book and found that 34 do accept the coupons listed, 4 do not and 12 of them did not answer. 

According to the owner of Mc Fundraising the coupon book has benefited churches, local law enforcement and missing children cases. 

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