Some Bakersfield school districts anticipate fewer substitute teachers this year

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - There may be fewer substitute teachers available to fill in this school year.

Some Bakersfield school districts say that because they have been hiring more teachers, that could shrink the available substitute teacher pool.

Many districts were forced to lay off teachers several years ago because of budget cuts.

Many of those laid off teachers became substitutes.

Now that they have their full-time jobs back, they are not available to be subs and many districts are anticipating a shortfall.

Several local school districts are or are considering raising incentives for substitute teachers.

Some districts have raised the daily rate to $100 a day for substitutes. Other districts are offering loyalty incentives for teachers who work with them regularly.

Officials say when they don't have enough substitute teachers, administrators sometimes are forced to fill in and in other cases they have to break up classes and spread them across several classrooms.

That leads to classroom overcrowding.

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