Some homeless people say you may not like where they show up next


Some homeless people in Bakersfield warn if they are forced to leave the riverbed people may not like where they show up.

Early Wednesday morning city crews cleared out all the homeless camps near Yokuts Park.

They say it’s just the first in a series of cleanups planned to beautify the bike trail as the weather gets warmer.

Homeless people 23ABC spoke to say they live along the river so they can be out of sight and out of mind, but if the city won't let them stay there they say they will become a lot more visible.

Robert Hopps has been on the streets for years and says it’s only a small handful of homeless people causing the problems. He says most just want to be left alone.

Hopps says homeless people will likely turn up in rich neighborhoods soon.

The city says there are health and safety issues in the camps and thats why they are being taken down.

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