Some streets in downtown Bakersfield approved for Cul-De-Sacs

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The City of Bakersfield is moving forward with a plan to help make several downtown neighborhoods safe from heavy traffic.  Crews are set to close and construct cul-de-sacs on eight streets south of 24th street.

People living in the west Chester neighborhood have noticed a big problem up and down their streets.

“You get cars in access of 40, 50 mph cutting through there,” said Dominique Minaberrigarai who lives on Spruce St.

Neighbors have worked for more than two years to get the city to close and construct cul-de-sacs on Beech, Myrtle, Spruce, Pine, Cedar, A, B and C streets south of 24th street.

“Many times if there’s a traffic accident on 24th, you’ll have cars lined up from 21st all the way to 24th for two blocks.  We’re looking at just cars backed up and stopped in front of our house,” he said.

In a unanimous vote, Bakersfield city council members approved to build cul-de-sacs on all 7 streets, but one.

"It was an unfortunate delay that was unforeseen in the last 18 months, there had been no indication that would happen,” he said.

Under an agreement, all property owners affected must sign a petition in order for the cul-de-sacs to be built, but a few days ago a home owner living on spruce street decided to opt out of the project creating a delay for the block.

“So, the opinion on that one person is now considered more important than the will of 9 of his neighbors.  This just isn’t right,” said a concerned citizen.

“We have 10 children living in that first block, playing ball skating boarding doing things that kids do i urge you for the question of safety to consider moving forward with this project,” said Bart Hill of Pine Street.

City leaders are now planning for another meeting to talk about the agreement that what would legally include a cul-de-sac on spruce street.

“I would agree with my neighbors, regarding the change of requirement from unanimous to majority. I agree that one home owner should not hold the rest of us hostage,” said another concerned citizen who lives on Spruce st.

Each cul-da-sac will cost about 18-thousand dollars and construction could start as early as March.


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