Special needs child left at Palm Avenue Elementary School for hours

Parents say she was found in bathroom

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - A 13-year-old with special needs was left alone at Palm Avenue Elementary School Friday afternoon after she was taken to the restroom, her family says.

Spokesman for the Kern County Superintendent of Schools, Rob Meszaros, says she was “discovered unattended, and unharmed, in her classroom after approximately 65 minutes.”

It happened at the end of her third day of school when standard protocol went awry.

“The bus didn't come at all, we had to call the transportation you know and they said that she was never put on the bus,” mother Elizabeth Reyna says.

Her dad thought she was missing. “You can just go over and over in your head what you would do to get to your child,” Arnold Reyna says.

He sped over to her school and was not allowed to look for her. He was told to sit and wait.

“I had to sit there and wait until they actually found her, as soon as they found her there was no stopping me to get to her,” Arnold Reyna said.

Her mother thinks she was left in the bathroom for two hours, “So we kinda think, maybe she was in the bathroom since like 1:40 1:50ish, all the way until four o clock 4:01 that the janitor found her in the restroom,” Elizabeth Reyna said.

About a year ago an autistic child from the same school was left on a bus for hours.

Now her family is thinking of homeschooling options or transferring her to another school.

Meszaros says there is a bathroom in the classroom and are trying to figure out exactly where she was found.

The teacher was placed on routine administrative leave.

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