Special reunion for young marine who helped save a girl from drowning

Bakersfield Blaze also celebrating teen's bravery

BAKERSFIELD - Christian Lozano, 16, is getting the chance to finally speak to Maya Harding, 11, since saving her life.

Lozano is with the Bakersfield Young Marines and had been surfing off the Ventura County Coast when he heard Harding crying for help.

"I saw a little hand come up so I didn't think about it. I instantly just grabbed my board and took off running to the water," said Lozano.

The waves reached 15 to 20 feet high that day and Lozano didn't think twice about risking his own life, just to save a complete stranger.

"The Young Marines, they train me really good for physical strength," he said.

Harding is an avid swimmer and is glad Lozano was nearby to rescue her from drowning.

"He grabbed me and just told me to hang on and I said okay, so I held on.  I was super scared and I just didn't want it to be last time I saw anybody," said Harding.

Both families are grateful for his quick thinking and heroic moves, which inspired the young marine to write a song about the whole situation.

"I think it was brave of him to do that because he risked his own life for me," said Harding.

The Bakersfield Blaze is recognizing the teen and honoring him as a hometown hero.  Leaders with the Young Marines are also recommending Lozano get a lifesaving first degree ribbon from its national office in Washington.

"I really don't consider myself a hero but I mean there are other heroes out there," said Lozano.

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