Speeding in northwest school zones prompts parent to call 23 ABC

Parent says drivers ignore school zones

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - "They're gonna get hit, we're gonna have fatalities out here."

Concerned parent Victor Gonzales called 23 ABC as a last resort to bring attention to the speeding problem in his northwest neighborhood.

Gonzales said he's done everything in his power to report the dangerous crosswalk his eight year old daughter and countless other kids walk every day.

The father says death is the only way police are going to enforce traffic laws in his neighborhood and he'd rather take matters into his own hands before letting that happen.

"We'll probably end up going out there ourselves and stopping them cause I'm tired of it I mean there's been a point that I've gotten license plates down and the police department doesn't do anything about it", Gonzales said.

There are three elementary schools along a one and a half mile stretch of Old Farm Road that has Gonzales concerned.

The 25mph school zone around Patriot, Norris and Veterans Elementary Schools is frequented by 60mph speeders according to Gonzales and he says students aren't the only ones hesitant to cross.

Gonzales explained, "cross guards are scared to come out because they're close to getting hit by cars themselves."

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