St. Jude's patient is giving back before "Dream Home" giveaway

Patient helps kids going through cancer treatment

The Saint Jude Dream Home giveaway is fast-approaching, but a member of the community is already giving back.
Bethany Elliott lives with a rare brain tumor that can't be operated on, but doctor's at the St. Jude's Children Research Hospital have helped her make slow, but steady recovery.
But exactly how is she giving back? She's making blankets for children currently undergoing radiation treatment at St. Jude's.
"I see the patients that are here now and I was there in their shoes not too long ago, and a blanket was something that was really comforting to me," Elliott told 23ABC. "It just turned into my family making blankets — it evolved into my mom's work making blankets and community and friends have all gotten involved," she said.
Last year, Elliott made and collected over 200 blankets to give back to the hospital. And even though the blankets are simple to make, it's the warmth they provide that makes them so special. 
"I am a firm believer that it is your job to give back and do what you can for others who can't do for themselves."


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