State Farm Insurance selling operations center in Bakersfield; Representative said jobs are secure

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - State Farm Insurance is putting its Bakersfield Operations Center on Old River Road up for sale, but Sevag A. Sarkissian, from State Farm said those worker's jobs may not be at stake.

Sarkissian said the terms of the sale will include a lease of the location to State Farm for five years, with two five-year options to renew the lease. State Farm operations will continue.

"Leasing rather than owning property gives State Farm the flexbility it needs in operations to make adjustments if needed to continue to respond to our customers needs and expectations and serve them the best way that we can," said Sarkissian.
Sarkissian also said the sale of the building will not affect the employees at the Bakersfield location.
But, 23ABC asked what would happen if State Farm chose not to renew the lease after five years.
"I'm not going to address hypothetical situations rather the facts are that the building will be sold and immediately leased back to State Farm to continue operations as are today," said Sarkissian.
In 2010, State Farm announced consolidation of its Rohnert Park and Fresno Operations into the company's Bakersfield Operations Center.
Community leaders are now hoping State Farm will keep it's Bakersfield location for years to come.
"I would ask that when and if the company starts considering their options whether they stay or whether they go, I would hope that before that time we get a chance to sit down and figure out what it is that's creating challenges or difficulty for them and give us a chance to make it right and keep them here," said Cindy Pollard, President and CEO of the Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce.
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