State says agencies in Kern County were not doing enough to keep guns from mentally ill

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - There have been three cases in the last three months in Bakersfield where guns were used by people who may have been mentally ill and a person died.

In early August a diagnosed bi-polar man shot and killed his own father on Artist Court.

On October 1 a woman who was seeing things was shot and killed by police after she pointed a pellet gun at them.

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And October 6 a 19-year-old shot his grandma in the face killing her instantly after he said voices told him to do it.

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A new report from the state auditor's office says the agencies that are supposed to be reporting to law enforcement about mentally ill people have failed to make those reports thousands of times.

DOCUMENT | Armed Persons with Mental Illness Report 2012-2013:

23ABC learned Wednesday that Kern was one of those counties.

The executive officer for Kern County Superior Court says they were notified by the state earlier this year that they were not submitting any reports on mentally ill people with guns.

The court says as of August this year they have started reporting all cases but they don’t have the manpower to go back and report the cases before August.

State law says courts and mental health facilities are supposed to tell their local law enforcement when they determine a person can no longer have a gun.

State auditors estimate there were 2,300 cases from 2010 to 2012 where courts failed to notify law enforcement.

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