Stickers and blight welcome squatters into vacant homes

Stickers on vacant home welcome intruders

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - The incident that occurred over the weekend when a suspected drunken driver entered a vacant home left neighbors wondering if the man knew the house was vacant.

Neighbor Kulvier Sran was left feeling unsafe in her own neighborhood.

The home and other vacant houses in the area were labeled as vacant with a blue sticker on the windows and garage doors and neighbors believe the stickers and trash makes the home an easy target.

City Code Enforcement says that the stickers may have mixed meanings and see how they can attract squatters, but also says they are a good tool for law enforcement.

Officials say that squatting has increased and incidents occur an average of 15 times a month but they are working to clean up blight and stop squatting before it becomes a bigger issue.

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