Stockdale Highway was closed following major fatal crash investigation

One dead, two injured in Saturday's crash

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Officials shut down Stockdale Highway lanes as they continued to investigate Saturday's deadly crash that took the life of one and left two others injured. 

Investigators shut down the intersection at Stockdale Highway and Coffee Road early Sunday, but drivers were allowed to make a right turn when approaching the roadway. 

Business owners around the area say Saturday's crash comes at no surprise.

Stockdale Highway is notoriously known for its accident-prone setting - its roads are the usual site of crash investigations as many fender benders end up on its lanes. 

Saturday's fatal accident happened as 22-year-old Rodolfo Contreras attempted to drive past a yellow light, but lost control of his vehicle as he hit a center divider and plummeted into another vehicle that killed 54-year-old David Aggio. 

Officials closed down Stockdale Highway lanes for a large part of Saturday and created major traffic hurdles for drivers as they shut down Gosford Road south of Stockdale to continue their investigation. 

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