Store clerk shoots would-be thief in central Bakersfield

Suspect is taken to hospital

BAKERSFIELD - Deputies with the Kern County Sheriff's Office say a clerk shot a would-be thief as he tried to rob his store.

It all happened on south union at price in central Bakersfield at the Union Market.

Deputies say two black men wearing masks came into store about 8:30 p.m. Thursday. 

23 ABC spoke to a clerk who said he shot one of two robbery suspects.

He said he was in the store's back office when he heard screaming.

He looked out and saw two armed men wearing masks and gloves, ransacking the store.

But another clerk who was supposed to be at the register was nowhere in sight.

So he grabbed his gun, chased after the robbery suspects and shot one of them, he believes in the head.

That alleged robber was taken to Kern Medical Center.

The other suspect is still on the loose.

Turns out the other clerk at the counter was laying on the floor after one of the suspects hit him in the head.

Police say an hour before that robbery, a couple miles away, another market was robbed.

The clerk at the 4th Street Market told 23 ABC two men fitting the same description robbed his store.

Police have not determined if both robberies are connected.

Anyone with information on these cases is asked to call BPD or the Sheriffs office.

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