String of possible arsons worry residents in one apartment complex

OILDALE, Calif. - Several suspicious fires at one Oildale apartment complex has residents wondering why they are targeted by a possible arsonist.

Late Monday afternoon a fire broke out at the apartment complex in the 600 block of Ann Arbor Street.

The Kern County Fire Department fought the small blaze that started next to a couch in the alley that worked its way into the attic.

The fire department says most of the fires have been started in furniture stored on the property.

"It doesn't take much for somebody either to deliberately or accidentally start a fire with a discarded cigarettes or a match," said Sean Collins, of the Kern County Fire Department.

"Each fire on its own is no big deal, but when you add all these fires up, I don't know what to do," said one resident did not want to be identified.

In August, 23ABC spoke to several residents in that complex who were concerned about a rash of several small fires that have taken place on the property.

Monday's fire what's the worst of all of them and even displaced one family.

"I'm scared to go to sleep and think what if someone sets a fire outside of my bedroom and the house catches on fire," said Kaylee Underwood.

Tuesday afternoon, a construction crew was at the complex fixing some of the damage caused by the fire so residents can move back in to the unit.

The Kern County Fire Department is asking anyone with information about these fires to call their confidential tip line at 877-Fire-Tip.

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