Students at a local school are choosing to skip recess to study math

Students skip recess to learn math

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - While most students at Pond Union Elementary are out playing at recess, many of Shannon Zimmerman's fourth and fifth grade students are choosing to study math.

"A lot of them love to stay in at recess to do it. That's fine and sometimes I have to say 'No go play'," said Zimmerman.

Students are wowed by "Wowzers", a mathematics computer game that is part of the school's new digital learning platform.

"I love it. The engagement is the number one obstacle that we face in education is getting kids engaged in learning," said Zimmerman.

Not only are kids engaged, they are excelling.

"We were struggling before and once I brought "Wowzers" in, I saw a dramatic increase (in test scores)," said Zimmerman.

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