Students at Fairview Elementary show support for Principal Leslie Chance

Sheriff's office re-examines case on Chance

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Signs outside of Fairview Elementary School showed student support for Principal Leslie Chance, amid murder allegations.

One sign hanging on a fence outside of the school, Thursday, read "We love you, Mrs. Chance". Currently, Chance is on paid administrative leave. 

Chance was arrested for allegedly shooting and killing her husband of 17 years, Todd Chance. 

She was released Tuesday because of insufficient evidence. The Kern County Sheriff's office is re-examining the case against her. 

Read the latest details on the case, here:

Although, the District Attorney's office said they expect the case to be re-filed and Chance will still be the suspect. 

ABC's legal affair analyst Dan Abrams explained on Good Morning America, Thursday, that this case is one you don't see very often. 

"The first step is that the police make and arrest on suspicion of, but then the DA has to file the charges, which say in effect we believe we can prove this case beyond reasonable doubt. In this case, the prosecutor is saying we don't think we can do that, yet, based on the evidence you presented," Abrams said. 

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