Students learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math by building robots

Chevron hosts third annual Robots 4 Tots


Local children are developing their science and math skills by building robots using recyclables and duct tape.

It’s a project that takes a lot of thinking and plenty of creativity.

“We're building robots and its really neat because what we have is arts and crafts time right now and the kids are getting to put together their dream robots," said Justin Salters, spokesperson for Chevron.

More than 80 children are working with their parents and building robots using material purchased by Chevron.

"We realize that when our community is doing well, when they are thriving then ultimately that's good for us as a business so, we invest very heavily in stem education, that's science, technology, engineering and mathematics," said Salters.

Norma Diaz says taking part in Chevron's "Robots 4 Tots" is a fun family activity that gets children thinking outside the box. 

"It's all about that, if their laughing, I’m happy," she said.

Although children are taking the lead -- parents are also helping design each robot.

"A lot of parent help, a lot of parent activity going on but for the most part, some of the younger ones they kind of lose interest so the parents start helping, but at the end all the kids are happy and that's all that matters," said Samantha Delaney, who is taking part in the event.

Robots 4 Tots is part of Chevron's California Partnership, which is its initiative to invest in education and economic development in the state.

"We're having more fun than they are which is really excited. I'm just excited to be able to share that with my niece and my nephew so; it's a lot of fun," said Diaz.

The event has taken place over the last three years with the help of north of the river's recreation and park department.      

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