Students on the red carpet

Students honored for raising state test scores

Edison, Calif. - The Edison School District pulled out all the stops Thursday night to recognize their academic achievers.

It had all the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood movie premiere. Students walked down the red carpet escorted by security as they were bombarded by paparazzi taking pictures and asking them questions about their academic success.

Staff and administrators all worked together to play the part on the red carpet for the event.

The middle school's gym was transformed into a Hollywood style gala. However, instead of actors being showcased, students were honored.
Instead of a great movie script receiving accolades, the young people were praised for improving their test scores on the Standardized Testing and Reporting.

Over the last few years, the middle school students raised their scores more than 100 points and the elementary school students also saw a significant improvement on the state test.

The district credits their success to student motivation, inspired by parental involvement and teacher guidance.

The main goal for the event was to put the spotlight on education by making the students proud of their educational success.

 The students are now gearing up to take the 2013 STAR test and the district is aiming for even higher scores.

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