Suburu Elementary School, Sandrini Elementary School broken into on Tuesday night

Officials haven't confirmed if they were connected

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Two elementary schools were broken into on Tuesday night in Bakersfield.

Officials said technology equipment seems to be the only items the suspects were interested in.

The BDP scoured homes along Greenhorn Mountain Court early Wednesday morning for the group of vandals, who allegedly broke into Suburu Elementary School and tried to make off with computer equipment. 

One of the suspects was arrested after officers found him in the backyard of a home behind the school.

Officers said the school on Harris Road in Southwest Bakersfield was broken into just before midnight, but officers were tipped off by the school's burglar alarms.

Police arrested a total of two adults and one juvenile. Police are investigating if a fourth suspect had a hand in this break-in.

Officers found the stolen computer equipment strewn across the campus, and it appears everything has been recovered.


Another school in Southwest Bakersfield was reported as broken into. Sandrini Elementary School officials said they found a window popped open in one of their portable classrooms. 

Officials said an overhead projector seems to be the only thing taken at this time.  Officers said they found a television by a fence that robbers attempted to take as well.


It's still unknown how much damage was done to the schools.  Officials have not confirmed that these two break-ins were connected.

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