Super Bowl attracts hundreds of football fans to Buffalo Wild Wings

Many seats on reserve at popular Bakersfield bar

BAKERSFIELD - No matter which football team you support, it’s been a busy game day for many people around Kern County who spent a lot of time preparing for an afternoon of football.

Fans of the Ravens and 49er's have been waiting for this moment since both teams made it all the way to the Super Bowl.

Some fans started arriving at Buffalo Wild Wings in southwest Bakersfield about three hours before the game actually started.

Luis Zendejas is among the many 49ers fans excited to see his team make it all the way to the Super Bowl.

"There's a lot of people talking a lot of smack so, it was kind of hard.  We had to stay quiet and by the end of the day, we end up finding out and they’ll know, they'll end up knowing who comes out on top," he said.

Zendejas is enjoying the game with his family and spent a lot of time getting ready for the big day.

"It's crazy here.  Everybody gets loud, gets excited.  It's emotional, we have a lot of fun and the food is good, too," he said.

Football fans made reservations at Buffalo Wild Wings weeks in advance just to get their spot in front of one of the 57 television monitors.

"It's the Super Bowl you know, you got the two best teams of the year.  I mean no matter if it’s your team or not, you have to pick a side and you're having fun with your friends, talking about it, yelling at each other and what not," said football fan, David Ruiz.

Alexus Hernandez is also a football fan and is excited for Super Bowl.

"I think it's such a big deal because like everyone loves football, no matter what team is playing. It's just a good game and I just think that everybody is excited since the two brothers are playing against each other in the super bowl this year so that makes it even more exciting," she said.

"I think what makes the Super Bowl so exciting for everybody is the food and the atmosphere here and everyone being together watching the game," said football fan, Cali Tanner.

Although, fans of the San Francisco 49ers filled most of the seats, we did find fans cheering for the ravens to go all the way.

"Ray Lewis, he's due for one. He's getting to retire so i think he should be able to go out with a bang,” said Ravens fan Servando Garza.

No matter who wins, football fans say Super Bowl has become a fun, family tradition.

"I got my kids coming out here today, I got 7 kids so it's a big group, not to mention I have other family members that are going to be here.  There should be 15 to 20 of us here today,” he said.

Remember if you're enjoying the big game at a local business there will be extra drivers on staff at area cab companies to get you home safe.     

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