Cops: Suspected gas station robber in critical condition at KMC after standoff with homeowner's son

Suspect also involved in car accident

METTLER, Calif. - A suspect believed to have been involved in a gas station robbery was shot after fleeing a car accident in Mettler, deputies said.

On Friday, at about 11 a.m., deputies with the Kern County Sheriff's Office went to a gas station regarding a robbery at a Freeway Express in Mettler.

At about 12 p.m., deputies were then called out to a car accident involving two cars.  Deputies said they believed the robbery suspects were in one of the cars involved after they found items from the reported robbery.

The passengers in the other car, a mother and her child, were taken to Kern Medical Center and officials said they are okay.

Both suspects fled the scene. One of the suspects, 22-year-old Steven Lujan, fled the scene on foot and entered a canal on Teal Road.

According to deputies, Lujan crossed the canal and entered a house on the other side, where he was greeted by the homeowner and a shotgun.

Lujan and homeowner reportedly fought and the suspect was able to obtain the shotgun from the homeowner.

According to officials, Lujan then fled in the homeowner's car with his shotgun, but was met by a homeowner's family member in the street.

The family member reportedly had a shotgun and was telling Lujan to leave; however, according to deputies Lujan  pointed his stolen shotgun at the family member, who then immediately fired shots at the suspect.

The homeowner was rushed to Kern Medical Center and suffers minor injuries.

Officials said Lujan was also taken to Kern Medical Center for gunshot wounds and was in critical condition.  Lujan was then booked for attempted murder, kidnapping, robbery, sexual battery, assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy.  His bail was set at $1,275,000.

Over the next several days, detectives said they were able to identify 28-year-old Rene Gomez as teh second suspect involved in the robbery and attempted homicide at Freeway Express Market.

On March 5, at about noon, investigators with the Sheriff's Special Investigations Division were able to find and arrest Gomez near his home on Oliver Street.

Detectives served a search warrant and Gomez was booked at the Kern County Jail for robbery, conspiracy, and hit and run.

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